• The first players to reach good profession levels in any kind of mmorpg games will lead the marketplace and economy so do not miss that chance.

  • There are 17 professions total in New World and you can level up all of them! With profession leveling you will be able to craft more powerful gear, by increasing your profession level you will be able to collect and gather different rare materials.

  • There are multiple professions and crafting options in the game, but getting them to the final level can be long and tedious for players.

  • Instead, you can choose the craft you want and bring it to the highest level in a short time.


  • Any level of the desired profession or crafting in New World.


    • Completion time depends on the range of leveling.

      E.G: From 0 to 200 on average 3 or 7 days. (may differ depending on the craft you choose.)

    • Warning: Profession leveling can only be done by Piloted Boost Service.



    Available for boosting:

    weapon boost, crafting boost,
    jewelcrafting boost
    furnishing boost
    arcana boost
    Armory, boost, new world
    cooking boost
    Engineering boost

    There are 7 crafting pieces in total. These provide you with the equipment and weapons necessary for your character to reach full strength. We can boost all the crafting in the game to the last level.
    Please contact for details.


    fishing boost
    leatherwork boost
    WoodWorking boost

    There are 5 equipment for collection and 5 occupational classes for refining. The level of all of them is increased up to 200. If you want more than one tree to be boosted, this can give you a discount. Contact for details.