The New World MMO RPG is yet the newest multiplayer sandbox game to be released and one of the most hardcore ones to novice players. Apart from being farm-oriented, it has not group finder making the PvE and PvP content challenging for a solo player. That is why a team of BoostGG is ready to offer you New World boosting services on almost every in-game activity.

The launch of New World is scheduled for September 28. Hurry up, the number of slots is limited! Make a order of level boosting in New World to be the first in progress race!

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Leveling a character can take up to 200 hours in-game, if you play at least 5 hours a day, leveling a character will approximately take more than a month. Level cap – 60. You can also get boosts not only for character but also for weapon mastery. Mastery points can be increased to 20, and each character can be mastered in all classes, but you can use both at the same time actively. It will be easier to decide which one to get once you have them all. For details, please contact. Take advantage of BoosterGG's cheap and fast service.


The character and weapon mastery of the desired level in New World. 

We can upgrade to the level range you want. Options you specify the services we offer. Higher equipment and weapons. Higher gear score. Flexible working hours to process due to be completed as soon as possible. You can contact us at any time and get information about the situation.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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Get different gear and items while increasing the level of your character. Check out our packages for more discounted and different options.

  • Custom Orders

Use the custom order to setup your on demand service for any custom order, or any other service already not listed on our website. We will quote you a price and timeframe estimate for completion. Please contact for more detailed information.



It depends on requested level range.

Completion times may vary with your desired level range and your character's current level(weapon mastery). We can maximize weapon masteries and character levels as soon as possible. You can contact us for details.

We also have express services, dont worry.

If you think that the time given to you after the interview is too long, you can use our faster express service.